Welcome to IUO Centre for Distance Learning

Course Registration Guideline

Following the simple steps below to complete your registration.

  1. Log on to the SIMS Portal through https://cdlportal.iuokada.edu.ng
  2. Enter your username and password (you should have received this via email).
  3. Change the password to your preferred password (note that it should be alphanumeric between 8-12 characteristics with no special characters.)
  4. Once you are able to log into the portal, in the left side, click on each of the link to complete your registration and make all necessary payments.
  5. Register all courses you are meant to take this semester by clicking them
  6. Click on Pay Fees and you will be redirected to a Web pay page
  7. Enter your card details (Master/Verve card)
  8. You are required to make the following Sundry payment on the portal
    • ID CARD
    • Medical services
    • Acceptance form
    • Library
    • ICT fee
    • Orientation
    • WAEC/NECO verification
  9. For more information: admission www.cdl.iuokada.edu.ng 07039257712, 08034730138, 08060719209